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Boost Your Self-Confidence

woman with white teethAll around the world, people are discovering a powerful tool in feeling confident and making a memorable first impression: teeth whitening. With one simple procedure, you can experience greater self-esteem and love the way you look. At K&R Dental, we utilize Pola whitening, which is a fast-acting and advanced formula that will give you dazzling results.

How Pola Whitening Works

The Pola system is unlike any other whitening procedure. It utilises oxygen ions that can penetrate into the enamel layer of each teeth. The discolouration is broken down, then transformed into colourless particles. These particles are then rinsed away, leaving you with a whiter smile.

You can choose to have your whitening completed in an appointment with our team or to have a take-home kit.

Completed in a Single Visit

Our patients love having the option of an hour long appointment. They walk out with an instantly brighter appearance. We’ll apply the professional-strength whitening into comfortable trays that cover only your teeth, protecting your gums. Your safety is our priority, and you’ll be supervised through the whole procedure. When we’ve achieved the maximum results, we’ll remove the trays and rinse off the whitening solution.

A Convenient Take-Home Kit

Some prefer to complete their whitening procedure at home. You can purchase a kit from us to do so that contains everything you’ll need. You’ll have custom-created trays from a quick impression that we take of your teeth. The Pola gel and complete instructions from our team will give you everything you need to enjoy a whiter smile.

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