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Custom Mouthguards at K&R Dental

Woman with mouthguardYou protect your oral health with regular brushing, flossing and dental checkups. But what about when you play sport? Or perhaps you suffer from sleep apnoea or loud snoring. These concerns can all be addressed at K&R Dental, where we create custom-made mouthguards to suit your needs.

Why Choose a Professionally Fitted Mouthgard?

Our mouthguards are fabricated in a laboratory from precise impressions that we’ve taken from your teeth. These mouthguards are higher in quality than the ones you’ll find in local shops and are expertly fitted by our experienced team. You’ll be able to speak clearly and enjoy a high degree of comfort.

Mouthguards for Sport

If you enjoy sport, whether it’s a game of cricket on the weekends, or perhaps you have a child who plays football, you need to consider the potential damage to your teeth, jaw and skull. A mouthguard can provide an important measure of protection.

Estimates say that a third of sporting injuries involve the teeth and mouth. Half of children report experiencing a dental injury from sport. Chipped and broken teeth, teeth concussion, fractures, dislocation and separation are all common forms of injury. A mouthguard prevents serious trauma that affects your overall wellbeing, not just your oral health. It absorbs shock to lessen the toll your body takes from an impact.

Match Your Team Colours

All of our mouthguards are suited to the individual, in fitting and in how they look. We provide mouthguards in different colours so that you can show your team spirit or choose your favourite color.

Think About Protecting Your Smile

Do you or your child require a custom-fitting mouthguard? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our friendly team! We’ll then be able to take impressions of your mouth and provide a mouthguard that is both safe and comfortable to wear.



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