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Protect Your Child's Oral Health

Girl having fun at playgroundK&R Dental welcomes all ages, from children to adults. You might not realise the importance of starting your child’s visits to the dentist early in life. Sure, you know we’ll check them for any tooth decay and teach them about proper oral hygiene habits. But have you also considered that starting their dental appointments can prevent them from developing common fears? They’ll feel familiar with our staff and environment while young, so they’ll never dread their visits and can learn to enjoy seeing us.

The many services we provide for children include

Examinations and cleanings. Having biyearly checkups will allow us to evaluate your child’s oral health and find any potential problems straightaway. We’ll teach them about proper brushing and flossing so that they can take care of their teeth and gums.

If your child participates in sport, you want to make sure their health is protected from injury. A custom-made mouthguard can prevent trauma to their jaw, teeth, cheeks, neck and head.

Tooth-coloured fillings
If we find that decay is present, we’ll fill the cavity. You won’t have to worry about anyone noticing the filling, as we use only white materials that match with your Child’s teeth.

Orthodontic evaluations
Part of their regular visits to us involves monitoring their jaw development. If we think that they may have a need for orthodontics, we’ll discuss options to keep their teeth straight with you.

Fissure sealants
The back teeth are prone to decay because of the deep pits they have on the top. With a coating called a fissure sealant, these teeth can be easier to keep clean.

Fluoride treatments
Keep your child’s teeth resistant to decay with this concentrated application of fluoride. It’ll help prevent caries and reverse early demineralisation of the teeth.

Use Your Child’s CBDS Coverage

We are happy to accept The Child Dental Benefits Schedule. Contact us today to learn whether your child is eligible!

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